The Science Behind Wim Hof Breathing

“Let the body do what the body is capable of doing.” What if your body was capable of hiking mountains in shorts, running marathons barefoot in the Arctic circle, and holding your breath for minutes at a time? Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is a Dutch endurance athlete, adventure, and philosopher. His claimContinue reading “The Science Behind Wim Hof Breathing”

On Hiking as a Moving Meditation

“Let the body do what the body is capable of doing.” Wim Hof repeats this several times throughout his guided breathing exercise. Let the body do what the body is capable of doing. Stop fighting. Stop thinking. Stop resisting. Let the body take over, and simply do. Adriene Mishler, of Yoga with Adriene, says itContinue reading “On Hiking as a Moving Meditation”

Reflection on a Challenging Meditation

Alright let’s be blunt for a moment. Meditation is hard. When I talk about meditating, people’s responses tend to fall into 2 categories: That’s awesome for you, but I could never do that I should try that (implied: but I won’t) Look, I get it. I’ve already professed my distaste for doing hard things. WhenContinue reading “Reflection on a Challenging Meditation”