Creating an Office Space

I am not a minimalist. Sorry, enviornment and oddly shame-y guys from that Netflix documentary. Part of it is practicality. It would be extremely challenging for two people to be minimalists in a 600 sq foot apartment. We have things and a small space, so minimalism is out of the questions. And frankly, I amContinue reading “Creating an Office Space”

Becoming a Morning Yoga Person

I felt something foundational shift in me when I started smoking a quick bowl before yoga. Yoga has been in my peripheral for nearly the entirety of my life. My mom was an avid yogi through most of my life, and she encouraged my sisters and I to take up the practice as well. IContinue reading “Becoming a Morning Yoga Person”

On Cannabis and Anxiety and Hiking

When I first began smoking cannabis, I was looking only for an escape from the pressing anxiety and dissatisfaction I felt. I assumed this feeling was my responsibility, my fault, and if I only tried a little harder, worked a little more, coped a little better, it would go away. Spoiler alert: it did not.Continue reading “On Cannabis and Anxiety and Hiking”