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A Year End Thank You

Starting a blog is something that I’ve thought about doing for years. Wanting isn’t the right word- I approached in my head with a combination of curiosity and unease. Starting a blog would give me total and complete control over my writing, published what I wanted, when I wanted to. But starting a blog alsoContinue reading “A Year End Thank You”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Veronica Castillo, also known as Vee the Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer. We dive into Castillo’s journey with cannabis, her focus on Black, brown, and women-owned businesses, and her upcoming projects with Ganjaprenuer. If I had to describe my wildest fantasy job, it would involve lots ofContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer”

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