A Year End Thank You

Starting a blog is something that I’ve thought about doing for years. Wanting isn’t the right word- I approached in my head with a combination of curiosity and unease. Starting a blog would give me total and complete control over my writing, published what I wanted, when I wanted to. But starting a blog alsoContinue reading “A Year End Thank You”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Veronica Castillo, also known as Vee the Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer. We dive into Castillo’s journey with cannabis, her focus on Black, brown, and women-owned businesses, and her upcoming projects with Ganjaprenuer. If I had to describe my wildest fantasy job, it would involve lots ofContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer”

Cannabis Creative Interview: GlassPass

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Riley McDonnell, founder of GlassPass, an iOS and Android app for buying and selling glass. We discuss the pitfalls of the entrepreneur’s journey, how community engagement helped him take a failure to massive success, and the importance of regularly changing your bong water. Although legalization hasContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: GlassPass”

Cannabis Creative Interview: GreenScreens

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Amber Saba, CEO of GreenScreens. GreenScreens is a B2B technology company helping dispensaries create an integrated POS system. We discuss Saba’s entry into the cannabis industry, why she loves her clients’ “love”, and their work with the Last Prisoner Project. There’s no question that the cannabisContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: GreenScreens”

Cannabis Creative Interview: CannaSiteCo.

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Caron Cooper, co-founder of CannaSiteCo., a Washington-based digital marketing agency for cannabuisnesses. We talk about the importance of having a website, releasing people convicted of non-violent cannabis charges, and how CannaSiteCo is investing in the industry as a whole. What ultimately drives change in the cannabisContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: CannaSiteCo.”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Growing Impact & Flow Cannabis Co.

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Annie Davis, founder of Growing Impact and Vice President of Marketing for Flow Cannabis Co. We talk about cannabis and motherhood, what it takes to increase diversity in leadership, and what the industry could look like in 10 years. Few cannabis users face the same stigmaContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Growing Impact & Flow Cannabis Co.”


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