Cannabis Creative Interview: Owen Reader of Indelible

I sat down with Owen Reader, CEO of Indelible and author of the Pot Apocalypse. We talk about creating the legacy brands of the cannabis industry, developing lasting, real connections with your customers and how to survive the impending pot apocalypse. What does it take to create a legacy cannabis brand? How can brands prepareContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Owen Reader of Indelible”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Sarah Stenuf of Ananda Farms

I sat down with Sarah Stenuf, veteran and founder of Ananda Farms and Veteran’s Ananda. The former is a Fulton, New York-based hemp farm and the later is a non-profit organization offering traditional and non-traditional therapies to veterans. We talk about the life-changing effects of cannabis for veterans, why she’s focusing her operations in smallContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Sarah Stenuf of Ananda Farms”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Paul Rushton of LPC Naturals

I sat down with Paul Rushton, President and Chief Scientist at LPC Naturals, a Buffalo-based lab to talk about fungi, and how it can improve plant health and yields for commercial and homegrowers alike. We also touch on the future of the medicinal industry, and cannabinoids beyond CBD and THC. When it comes to growingContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Paul Rushton of LPC Naturals”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Erin Gallagher of Southern Hemp Tea Company

I sat down with Erin Gallagher, owner of Southern Hemp Tea Company, an Illinois-based ecommerce store, to discuss about how CBD changed her life, her mission to get CBD into the hands of everyone, and why you should never buy brown CBD flower. For Erin Gallagher, starting a CBD company was a moment of divineContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Erin Gallagher of Southern Hemp Tea Company”

A Post-Hike Meditation

See this photo here? This photo was taken over the weekend at the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. This photo means so much to me. This is me on my longest overnight ruck with my heaviest pack. This is me with my fastest mile time on the trail yet, conquering 1,000+ ft in elevation changes. ItContinue reading “A Post-Hike Meditation”

On A UFO Encounter

My fiancé and I enjoy hiking, which means we spend a good amount of time out in the woods. Since we live in Upstate New York, one of our favorite places to go is into the Finger Lakes. With hundreds of miles of rolling hills, trails, and campsites, we’re constantly exploring the area. Some hikingContinue reading “On A UFO Encounter”

Cannabis Creative Interviews: Joseph Lekach of Apothca

I sat down with Joseph Lekach, founder and CEO of Apothca Inc, a Massachusetts-based dispensary, to discuss his journey into cannabis, what’s next for them, and whether or not cannabis actually has medicinal properties. For Joseph Lekach, there was only ever one path- to be an entrepreneur. It was the family business after all. TheContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interviews: Joseph Lekach of Apothca”


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