Cannabis Creative Interview: GreenScreens

In this Cannabis Creative Blog sits down with Amber Saba, CEO of GreenScreens. GreenScreens is a B2B technology company helping dispensaries create an integrated POS system. We discuss Saba’s entry into the cannabis industry, why she loves her clients’ “love”, and their work with the Last Prisoner Project. There’s no question that the cannabis industryContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: GreenScreens”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Dustin Hoxworth

On this Cannabis Creative Blog, I talk to Dustin Hoxworth about making the transition from the legacy market to the legal market. He hits on some seriously important points about respect and diversity in the industry, and why companies need to value the experience people from the legacy market bring to the table. We’re livingContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Dustin Hoxworth”

Cannabis Creative Interview: CannaSiteCo.

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Caron Cooper, co-founder of CannaSiteCo., a Washington-based digital marketing agency for cannabuisnesses. We talk about the importance of having a website, releasing people convicted of non-violent cannabis charges, and how CannaSiteCo is investing in the industry as a whole. What ultimately drives change in the cannabisContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: CannaSiteCo.”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Blooming Botanicals

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Sarah Birney, co-founder of Blooming Botanicals, a Michigan-based CBD company. We explore her evolution from caregiver to CBD business owner, why she loves CBD for her own health, and the rise of older cannabis consumers. In its natural form, CBD is about as perfect of aContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Blooming Botanicals”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Terpli

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Peter Kasper, founder of Terpli. We dive into why THC is not king, the rise of designer cannabis, and where he sees a picture from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep fitting into our future. Peter Kasper is trying to make it easier to understand yourContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Terpli”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Growing Impact & Flow Cannabis Co.

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Annie Davis, founder of Growing Impact and Vice President of Marketing for Flow Cannabis Co. We talk about cannabis and motherhood, what it takes to increase diversity in leadership, and what the industry could look like in 10 years. Few cannabis users face the same stigmaContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Growing Impact & Flow Cannabis Co.”

Cannabis Creative Interview: TINY e PAPER

I sat down with Erica Halverson, founder and CEO of TINY e PAPER. We talk about creating a self-sustaining business model, building out the industrial hemp supply chain, and the importance of consistent education throughout the industry. It’s no secret the cannabis industry has a waste problem. Despite working with one of the most versatileContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: TINY e PAPER”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Owen Reader of Indelible

I sat down with Owen Reader, CEO of Indelible and author of the Pot Apocalypse. We talk about creating the legacy brands of the cannabis industry, developing lasting, real connections with your customers and how to survive the impending pot apocalypse. What does it take to create a legacy cannabis brand? How can brands prepareContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Owen Reader of Indelible”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Sarah Stenuf of Ananda Farms

I sat down with Sarah Stenuf, veteran and founder of Ananda Farms and Veteran’s Ananda. The former is a Fulton, New York-based hemp farm and the later is a non-profit organization offering traditional and non-traditional therapies to veterans. We talk about the life-changing effects of cannabis for veterans, why she’s focusing her operations in smallContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Sarah Stenuf of Ananda Farms”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Paul Rushton of LPC Naturals

I sat down with Paul Rushton, President and Chief Scientist at LPC Naturals, a Buffalo-based lab to talk about fungi, and how it can improve plant health and yields for commercial and homegrowers alike. We also touch on the future of the medicinal industry, and cannabinoids beyond CBD and THC. When it comes to growingContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Paul Rushton of LPC Naturals”