Evolution of a cannabis smoker

Being a writer, it’s not uncommon for me to learn about a topic through the piece I’m writing. When I started in the cannabis industry, it quickly became apparent to me how little I actually knew about this plant. Hell, I didn’t even know I had an endocannabinoid system until I learned about it throughContinue reading “Evolution of a cannabis smoker”

An Impassioned Plea for Your Endocannabinoid System

You don’t have to smoke the plant. You don’t even have to get high. You just have to learn how to purposefully engage and stimulate your endocannabinoid system. And I promise you, you will feel better. If you’re an average american like me, you have ache and pains. Or maybe insomnia. Digestion issues? Stress, absolutely.Continue reading “An Impassioned Plea for Your Endocannabinoid System”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Bee Kynd

In this Cannabis Creative Interview, I sit down with Bee Downin of Bee Kynd. We talk about the economic impact of legal cannabis on rural communities, the need for business education in social equity programs, and how spirituality and cannabis intersect in her life. Some people start a business for the money, some people startContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Bee Kynd”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Range Marketing

In this Cannabis Creative Interview, I sit down with Spencer Rubeck, CEO of Range Marketing. We discuss the importance of SEO in the cannabis industry, taking advantage of content to increase your ranking, and give you a few actionable tips to use. Want to work in the cannabis industry? It doesn’t always require working forContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Range Marketing”

Cannabis Creative Interview: FLWR City Collective

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Zach Sarkis, founder of FLWR City Collective, a Rochester-based cannabis company. We talk about why regenerative practices must take precedence over sustainability, his commitment to investing in the Rochester community, and the future of the New York cannabis market. One of my favorite business philosophies (broughtContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: FLWR City Collective”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Element Apothec

In this blog, I sit down with Davina Kaonohi, CEO and co-founder of Element Apothec, a California-based CBD wellness company focused on creating healthy products from sustainable means. We discuss transcending the gender binary in the beauty industry, being a woman in the cannabis industry, and the still-untapped potential of minor cannabinoids. For Davina Kaonohi,Continue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Element Apothec”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Veronica Castillo, also known as Vee the Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer. We dive into Castillo’s journey with cannabis, her focus on Black, brown, and women-owned businesses, and her upcoming projects with Ganjaprenuer. If I had to describe my wildest fantasy job, it would involve lots ofContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Traveling Vegan Cannabis Writer”

Cannabis Creative Interview: GlassPass

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Riley McDonnell, founder of GlassPass, an iOS and Android app for buying and selling glass. We discuss the pitfalls of the entrepreneur’s journey, how community engagement helped him take a failure to massive success, and the importance of regularly changing your bong water. Although legalization hasContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: GlassPass”

Cannabis Creative Interview: GreenScreens

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Amber Saba, CEO of GreenScreens. GreenScreens is a B2B technology company helping dispensaries create an integrated POS system. We discuss Saba’s entry into the cannabis industry, why she loves her clients’ “love”, and their work with the Last Prisoner Project. There’s no question that the cannabisContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: GreenScreens”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Dustin Hoxworth

On this Cannabis Creative Blog, I talk to Dustin Hoxworth about making the transition from the legacy market to the legal market. He hits on some seriously important points about respect and diversity in the industry, and why companies need to value the experience people from the legacy market bring to the table. We’re livingContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Dustin Hoxworth”