An Impassioned Plea for Your Endocannabinoid System

You don’t have to smoke the plant. You don’t even have to get high. You just have to learn how to purposefully engage and stimulate your endocannabinoid system. And I promise you, you will feel better. If you’re an average american like me, you have ache and pains. Or maybe insomnia. Digestion issues? Stress, absolutely.Continue reading “An Impassioned Plea for Your Endocannabinoid System”

A Recipe for Turkey and Bean Soup

Just like mom used to make! Ingredients 2 turkey burgers 1 1/2 white onions 1/2 bushel of kale 1 can of white (cannelini) beans Juice from 2 lemons Chicken stock Salt, pepper, oregano, sage, thyme At the Store Browse the meat aisle and see what’s reduced for quick sale. An open mind goes a longContinue reading “A Recipe for Turkey and Bean Soup”

Exploring a Genre: Dystopian Novels

What makes a dystopian novel? What are the defining characteristics of the genre? Dystopian novels are the inverse of Utopian novels, a term first used in 1516 by author Sir Thomas More. Whereas utopian novels describe a world free of pain or suffering, dystopian novels describe a world where human suffering reigns, knowingly or unknowingly.Continue reading “Exploring a Genre: Dystopian Novels”