Evolution of a cannabis smoker

Being a writer, it’s not uncommon for me to learn about a topic through the piece I’m writing. When I started in the cannabis industry, it quickly became apparent to me how little I actually knew about this plant.

Hell, I didn’t even know I had an endocannabinoid system until I learned about it through article research!

When I first started smoking a few years ago, I used vape cartridges to help me sleep. Once I was able to find a reliable supply of flower, I quickly switched to smoking. But I used almost exclusively THC-dominant strains I knew little to nothing about.

THC and I have a complicated relationship. Don’t get me wrong; I love being high. But it’s easy to pass that line between an enjoyable high and being too high. Rolling a joint or taking a bong hit was always followed by a nap or increased social anxiety if I went in public. Even as my tolerance increased, I found myself wishing for a more functional high.

I wasn’t introduced to CBD flower until spring 2021, sometime shortly after starting in cannabis. I’d heard of the cannabinoid, but didn’t think much of tinctures and topicals. I tried some CBD flower from a local CBD store and was surprised to feel the change in my high. CBD took the harsh edge off of THC, and made it easier for me to enjoy the high experience without feeling like I needed a nap.

But I quickly grew annoyed with the quality of CBD I got at the store; the employees couldn’t tell me with any certainty where the product was grown, so I knew as little about it as I knew about the THC I smoked.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2021 that I stumbled upon high-quality CBD flower. As luck would have it, I was at my local farmer’s market, just browsing. I came across a table with cannabis on it and was instantly intrigued. This was my first introduction to FLWR City, a hemp farm that grew just outside my city.  I picked up an 1/8th and went on my way.

If I had been surprised to notice the effects of shitty CBD, you can imagine how I felt when I tried quality CBD. It was exactly what I had been looking for- a noticeable effect with mood bosting and relaxing properties, with a soft edge that kept me in control and totally functional. I was hooked.

In the year that followed, I learned a lot. I explored my endocannabinoid system, minor cannabinoids, different delivery methods, and creating my own custom flower blends.

Today, my cannabis ritual looks very different from what it used to be. I don’t have to wait until after business hours to reach for the lighter; instead, I grind a custom blend of THC, CBD, and herbs. I roll a joint, pack or bowl, or plug in my table vape. Afterward, I’m energized, focused, and ready to get through my to-do list.

At night, I grind a blend that is slightly higher in THC, but rarely do I smoke exclusively THC. I know now that what I prefer is a low percentage THC flower, ideally a type II, though finding any strain with a noticeable parentage of CBD is challenging. I’m fortunate to have several high-quality hemp growers near me, so I create my own type II blends.

Edibles, tinctures, and topicals all have their place in my routine as well. I love a CBD seltzer, THC sparkling water, and a 1:1 gummy. When I sprained my ankle earlier this year, the first thing I reached for was the Bee Kynd Pain Relief balm. If I need help falling asleep, I reach for Blooming Botanicals, Element Apothec, or FLWR City tinctures.

I have no idea how long it would have taken me to learn these preferences if I wasn’t in the industry. It’s thanks to the articles I researched and the people I spoke to that I was able to confidently experiment with different cannabinoid blends and delivery methods.

Without this insider expertise, I would likely still be smoking high percentage THC flower, and maybe I’d be mixing CBD in. This gives me sympathy for people who are interested in cannabis, but overwhelmed by the options and information. I have no ideas on how to make it easier for people to understand what they like, other than making it easier to get a variety of products and creating space to try them.

One theme that has come up time and time again in my conversation on the Cannabis Creative Blog is how your cannabis consumption changes throughout your life. For now, I’m a smoker. I don’t know if I will always be, but it’s what serves my needs best now.

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