Cannabis Creative Interview: The V Experience

In this Cannabis Creative Interview, I sit down with LaCarrie Byer, founder of The V Experience and fellow Rochestarian. We discuss creating connections through cannabis, the challenges of managing the “business” side of business, and growing a community of like-minded plant lovers. Passion and healing — that’s what drives the V Experience The V ExperienceContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: The V Experience”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Buzzado’s

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Christine Stio, founder of Buzzado’s Delivery. We talk about how she uses cannabis in her family, her experience navigating the New York market so far, and the excitement she has for the “last job of her life.” You never know where a cannabis journey will takeContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Buzzado’s”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Entertaining & Elevating with Cannabis

In this Cannabis Creative Interview, I sit down with Precious Brown, CEO and co-founder of Entertaining and Elevating with Cannabis. We talk about creating an intentionally inclusive environment, putting action and opportunity at the forefront of conversations, and why all cannabis use is inherently medicinal. For Precious Brown, entertaining with cannabis isn’t just a hobbyContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Entertaining & Elevating with Cannabis”

Reflections on a challenging meditation: a year later

Over a year ago, I wrote about a challenging meditation experience I had. My practice today reminded me of it. I was fairly new to meditating at the time. When my freelancing work began to pick up, I found myself facing what I called a “butt-load” of resistance. The more work I got, the lessContinue reading “Reflections on a challenging meditation: a year later”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Good Feels

In this Cannabis Creative Interview, I sit down with Jason Reposa, founder and CEO of Good Feels. We talk about advances in cannabis science, the issue with isomers, the impact of paying employees a living wage, and offsetting their carbon impact. The cannabis industry is a space that welcomes innovation. If you can’t find theContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Good Feels”

Cannabis Creative Blog: New York Cannabis Growers & Processors Association

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Allan Gandelman, owner of an organic produce and hemp farm, and founder of the New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association (NYCGPA), the largest non-profit trade organization in the state. We talk about keeping the adult-use market on the right track, breaking down barriers to entryContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Blog: New York Cannabis Growers & Processors Association”

Cannabis Creative Blog: True Labs for Cannabis

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Sarah Ahrens, founder and CEO of True Labs for Cannabis, LLC, the first certified women-owned cannabis testing lab on the East Coast. We talk about the importance of safe cannabis products, the challenges of raising capital as a woman, and making conscious business decisions to haveContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Blog: True Labs for Cannabis”

Cannabis Creative Interview: The Cannigma

In this Cannabis Creative Interview, I sit down with Elana Goldberg, CEO of The Cannigma. We had a wide ranging conversation, talking about getting the right information to shorten your cannabis journey, moving beyond sativa and indica, and exploring personal privilege. In the cannabis industry, education is key. And in my (highly biased) opinion, thereContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: The Cannigma”

Evolution of a cannabis smoker

Being a writer, it’s not uncommon for me to learn about a topic through the piece I’m writing. When I started in the cannabis industry, it quickly became apparent to me how little I actually knew about this plant. Hell, I didn’t even know I had an endocannabinoid system until I learned about it throughContinue reading “Evolution of a cannabis smoker”