Lucy’s Natural Remedies Hemp Rolling Papers Review

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Product Name: Lucy’s Natural Remedies Hemp Rolling Papers with Tips

Brand: Lucy’s Natural Remedies

Category: Accessories

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Summary: FAV ALERT! A forgiving rolling paper from made hemp that comes with tips + DISCOUNT LINK

About Lucy’s Natural Remedies Hemp Rolling Papers

I love these papers.

When I first committed to learning how to roll joints in 2021, I went through a lot of paper brands. You know the ones- RAW, Zig Zags, Juicy Jay’s, Elements – the list goes on. Some were better than others, and one of my main frustrations was a paper that crumpled too soon. Then (and still now sometimes) it takes me more than one try to catch the edge of my paper behind my tip and start the roll. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it done well, and if a paper simply crumpled, trying again became an exercise in futility.

I like a paper with some forgiveness and durability. Too thin and the paper simply crumples at first pass. These papers from Lucy’s Natural Remedies have that stability I look for.

The papers also come in packs with tips included, so I don’t have to slowly rip away the box, exposing the delicate papers inside. The tips are large too, so you can decide whether you want a full-size one (which can serve as a rolling crutch in the early days of learning) or a half size which serves as a simple base.

I also like that these papers are made from hemp. I have nothing against rice paper, wood pulp, or flax paper – they all work well. But I like using all parts of the cannabis plant, and rolling papers made from hemp are made from the pulp of the plant fibers.

If size matters to you, I’ve tried the 1 ¼ size and the king-size papers from Lucy’s and I’ve loved them both.

Do I still use other papers? Yes, of course. I love variety as any smoker does. But these are a staple in my cannabis bag, everything else comes and goes.

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