Joy Nutrition THCV Gummies Review

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Product Name: Joy Nutrition THCV Gummies

Brand: Joy Nutrition

Category: Edibles

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary: A lightly intoxicating edible without D9 THC that ships to all 50 states

About Joy Nutrition THCV Gummies

I confess- when I received these gummies from Joy Nutrition, I had no idea what THCV was.

I had only heard of it once, in the context of a conversation with a woman who used cannabis to lose weight. She described the appetite-suppressing properties of THCV, and I was intrigued.

Finding THCV is challenging. Some have described it as a sports car – works well, but is expensive and hard to find. THCV is rare in most cannabis strains, but can be found in some of African origin, like Durban Poison. Growers are also manipulating some strains to produce higher amounts of THC. In a few years, I expect to see it far more frequently.

I won’t dive into too much of the background of THCV – you can read this Cannigma article that explains it well. To summarize, THCV is:

  • Similar in effect to D9 THC
  • Naturally occurring in the plant (unlike D10)
  • Less disorienting and perhaps more energizing

While there haven’t been extensive studies on THCV, some rodent trials have supported the appetite-suppressing claims, meaning this is one cannabinoid that won’t give you the munchies.

Joy Nutrition claims these gummies aren’t intoxicating, and I don’t agree (neither does the research.) However, these gummies are 10 mg and I will say that they don’t produce as strong of an intoxicating high as 10 mg of D9 THC would. If you’re a new cannabis consumer you may feel stronger effects, so be careful.

What I thought about Joy Nutrition THCV Gummies

I like these edibles, but they’re not my favorite. They have a short(ish) list of ingredients that are gluten-free, vegan, and include several organic ingredients, but they also include something called “natural bitterness masking flavor.” I don’t love the Sunshine Passionfruit flavor – it’s fruit-forward with a strong metallic extraction aftertaste. If this is what they taste like after adding the bitterness masking, I shudder to think what they tasted like before.

I also take issue with the claim that these gummies aren’t intoxicating. They are – THCV is indisputably intoxicating. Joy Nutrition says on their site that their research shows 10 mg shouldn’t be enough to get people intoxicated – but they still have intoxicating effects, they’re just not as strong as D9 THC and many people are used to being punched in the face with the effects of cannabis. These are lightly elevating, with mood-boosting and energizing effects that don’t leave your mind swimming in a haze. But they are, very much, intoxicating. They will get you higher – just not sky-high.

However, if you’re looking for an appetite-suppressing strain, these gummies are a great way to consume THCV. I’d rather reach for a pre-roll rich in THCV, but beggars can’t be choosers. If I take one of these gummies in the morning, I can still focus and get my work done. They’re definitely not as intoxicating as D9 gummies.

This package also doesn’t include a QR code to take you to the lab results (the certificate of analysis) for this product batch. Instead, there’s a link to type in that I assume takes you to a landing page.

For these reasons, I give these gummies 3 stars.

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