Zig-Zag Palm Mini Rolls Review

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Product Name: Zig-Zag Palm Mini Rolls

Brand: Zig-Zag

Category: Accessory

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary: An improved version of a blunt wrap that delivers a smooth smoking experience

Available in: all 50 states and Canada

About the Zig-Zag Palm Mini Rolls

If you’ve been a smoker for any amount of time, you know the rolling paper brand Zig-Zag. Established in Europe in the 1890s, maker of rolling papers of all thicknesses and sizes, found in every head shop from sea to shining sea – need I go on? Like any other smoker, I’m a big fan of their ultra-thin papers, but these palm rolls took me by surprise.

I’d call these mini palm rolls blunt wraps, but they’re made from palm leaves, not tobacco paper. You get the smooth, slow-burning experience of a blunt without mixing in any tobacco or nicotine. (The packaging on these rolls tells you that the Mayans used palm leaves to smoke, which I like but did not verify.)

Why I love these Zig-Zag Mini Palm Rolls

I love these wraps because they come with tips – all-natural corn husks. I started smoking cigars, so I love a long smoking experience. But it is endlessly frustrating to me that blunts don’t traditionally have tips – I find the quality of the smoking experience is significantly decreased without a tip. Even with the most conscious smokers, the end of a blunt with no tip gets squished and soggy. These corn husk filters are thick and more layered than your average tip, providing a lovely filter.

Since these are made from palm leaves by a smoking brand, they come hollow with a paper insert to keep their shape. Unlike traditional blunt wraps, you don’t have to slice the paper open, remove the tobacco contents, refill it with weed, and reseal. It’s so much easier than that – just remove the paper and fill it like you would any other cone.

Unlike tobacco paper, these palm leaves don’t have a strong flavor. These come in a grape flavor, but you have to pop a flavor bead somewhere in the tip, and I haven’t successfully done that. Honestly, I don’t care – I’m not crazy about flavored papers and I like that these don’t add much. Additionally, these rolls come in packs of two with a Boveda humidity pack, so they stay fresh. Traditional blunt wraps can be stiff and hard to roll or seal, and there’s no struggle with these.

These are mini rolls, but they still hold up to a gram of ground flower. If I’m not smoking that much, I’ll fill these rolls as much as I want and then trim the excess paper with scissors before lighting it.

The smoking experience is great, an easy 5/5. It’s smooth, filtered, and thick, everything you want from a blunt. I’m not one to hate on tradition, but these palm rolls from Zig-Zag are a massive upgrade over traditional wraps and will be in stock in my weed cabinet for further notice.

In Zig-Zag tradition, these rolls are delicious, convenient, and affordable. A two-pack is less than $4!

Purchase this product: https://zigzag.com/collections/palm-rolls/products/mini-palm-rolls-carton-2pk-grape

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