QWIK Liquids QWIK Drops Review

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Product Name: QWIK LIQUIDS Liquid Diamond QWIK Drops


Category: Edible

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary: a fast-acting beverage enhancer perfect for micro and macro dosing

Available in: Massachusettes, California, and select recreational markets

About QWIK LIQUIDS Liquid Diamond QWIK Drops

There’s no category of cannabis products seeing more innovation right now than cannabis beverages. These QWIK Drops are a beverage enhancer, not a drink, but they fall under the same category.

With 1,000 mg of THC in every bottle, these QWIK drops give you a bang for your buck. Every drop is 1 mg so it’s easy to measure out how much you want.

The product itself is actually a tincture, but it doesn’t taste or absorb like any tincture I’ve tried before. I’m sure it has to do with the QWIK Technology behind this, but I am not science-inclined enough to understand. Suffice to say, they work quickly and taste good.

The bottle has instructions for dosing sublingually (under your tongue) but I just drop it into whatever I’m drinking at night. It doesn’t have a hugely noticeable flavor in small doses, so it mixes well with a variety of drinks.

The website says this product is made with liquid diamonds, which makes me think it’s a liquid form of THC diamonds, although I haven’t confirmed this.

But what you actually want to know – how does it taste and how does it work?

It tastes fine to me! I haven’t dosed it sublingually so I can’t tell you exactly what it tastes like, but I can say that it doesn’t overpower my drinks or make it taste like weed extract. In fact, I don’t notice any metallic extract taste at all.

See how I use my QWIK Drops at home!

How does it work? It works well. These kick in after just 10 – 15 minutes, significantly faster than traditional edibles. I usually dose between 3 – 5mg in each drink, which is enough to get me elevated, but not ~super~ high.

I would totally bring this to a family gathering to share. Smoke and joints aren’t always welcome when kids are around, but if everyone is drinking alcohol, adding THC drops to juice or soda isn’t a big deal. These drops would also be a great way to introduce canna-curious people to the plant and its effects in a controlled way. Since each drop is 1mg, it’s easy to measure out a beginner-friendly dose.

Most edibles take between 60 and 120 minutes to kick in. This is because the products have to enter your digestive system so the cannabinoids can be metabolized through your liver and absorbed into your bloodstream. This delay in action makes it easy to overserve yourself on edibles and have a bad time.

Usually, I link products for purchase, but since this is a THC product, I can’t do that. QWIK Drops are for sale in certain recreational states like California and Massachusetts, but you’ll have to ask a dispensary if they have them. If you have to chance to purchase a bottle, I highly recommend it!

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