High Tea Herbal Green Apple Hemp Wraps Review

Product Name: High Tea Herbal Green Apple Hemp Wraps

Brand: High Tea

Category: Smoking Accessory

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary: a tea-based blunt wrap free from nicotine and tobacco

About High Tea Herbal Green Apple Hemp Wraps

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call these my favorite blunt wraps.

I don’t smoke blunts often, but they’re my favorite kind of indulgence on a lazy Friday night. When I do, I want to enjoy every inch of it.  

Now technically, these wraps from High Tea are not blunt wraps because there’s no tobacco or nicotine in these papers. In fact, there’s no hemp either. High Tea wraps are made from a blend of cacao, yerba mate, and chamomile tea leaves. But they look, feel, and smoke just like traditional blunt wraps.

That’s just the start of why I love these wraps. High Tea describes these wraps as “the evolution of rolling” and I have to agree. For starters, you don’t have to worry about cracking or ripping one of these wraps because it’s so dry.

Unlike traditional blunt wraps, you don’t have to carefully slice this open and remove the nicotine insides. High Tea wraps are packaged differently – laid flat in a zip-lock pouch that keeps the moisture inside. The wrap will start to dry when it’s exposed to the air, so don’t take it out until you’re almost ready to roll.

These wraps smell great. Each wrap smells slightly like tea leaves and they’re infused with food-grade terpenes for a delicious aromatic experience. You never knew blunt wraps could smell so good! The Green Apple is my favorite flavor, but it’s just one of eight. You can also try Pure Peach, Mad Melon, Royal Sweet, Mango Dream, Ripe Strawberry, Wild Honey, and Juicy Grape.

These wraps are large, so you can consume them whole if you’re ready to smoke a large blunt, or cut them in half and save the rest for later. They smoke beautifully; as slowly and smoothly as traditional blunt wraps. The tea leaves don’t change the flavor of your weed, and the terpenes in the wrap are mainly for aromatics, not taste.

I began smoking with cigars, so I love a tobacco wrap on my weed. But I also know that traditional blunt wraps aren’t made with the best ingredients or by the best processing, and can increase my risk of the negative side effects of inhalation. These wraps give me the same experience, without the worry of increased carcinogens.

These wraps are made in Brazil, but the company is headquartered in California and ships to all 50 US states.

Purchase this product: https://highteawraps.com/products/high-tea-green-apple

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