Chill Steel Pipe Review

Product Name: Chill Steel Pipes

Brand: Chill
Category: Smoking Accessory

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Summary: A stainless steel unbreakable bong that’s perfect for the adventurous stoner

Say goodbye to your breakable bong woes – the age of glass is behind us. A new breed of bong has entered the market made of stainless steel and resilience.

When I first moved into the van, I lamented the loss of my bong. I love water pipes, and nothing hits like a good bong rip. But bringing a 24″ piece of glass into a moving vehicle is a patently dumb idea, so with much sadness I wrapped my beloved bong up in paper and old t-shirts and tucked it safely in the boxes I left in my basement. I resigned myself to a year without bong rips and tried to move on.

But when my friends at reached out and asked if I wanted to try the Chill Steel Pipe, I jumped at the opportunity.

About Chill Steel Pipes

First, the basics.

The Chill Steel Pipe is 13″ tall and 8.5″ of that is the neckpiece. The bong itself is made from food-grade stainless steel and is double-insulated on the inside, like your favorite water bottle.

The pipe comes in four pieces: the base, the neckpiece, the diffuser down stem, and the bowl. The base and neckpiece are made from stainless steel, making them virtually unbreakable (though I confess I haven’t tried very hard to break it.) The diffuser is made from aluminum and the bowl is the only glass piece.

The interior of the base and the neckpiece is ceramic coated so it’s easy to clean. The diffuser down stem is long, reaching from the bottom of the bowl to the floor of the base – and boy, does she rip. The Chill is a piece that I regularly have to double-draw from – one hit never seems to clear it.

The down stem fits any 14mm bowl piece. The pipe does come with a bowl, but I don’t like it. The shape of the bowl is longer than it is wide, and it can be challenging to toast the entire bowl without reducing the top layer to ash first. I usually swap out for a different glass bowl piece that’s a little wider.

Why I Love Chill Steel Pipes

The Chill Pipe is a round base bong, and the shape necessitates more water than some other types of water pipes. The base needs to be about 3/4 full to get a smooth, clear hit. Any less and you’ll be coughing like a rookie on your first drag – I wasn’t kidding when I said she rips. The amount of water this bong needs means I don’t break it out every day (my water tank is only 33 gallons) but when I do I make the most of it.

It’s hard to choose one thing I love most about this bong, but the fact that it breaks down is amazing. The neckpiece unscrews from the base so you’re not left trying to store a 13″ piece, something that is nearly impossible to do in my van. Instead, I can break down this pipe and easily store it away, knowing that it’s safe (and concealed.) It breaks down quickly and assembles quickly. I’ve never seen another bong that has a removable neckpiece, and it’s just one more thing that sets the Chill apart.

Like any quality bong, this piece isn’t cheap and will cost you over $100. But what you get in return is a well-made bong that will outlast any glass piece on the market in durability. I’ve broken several glass pieces, and I take comfort in knowing there’s only one piece of this bong that I could break – and it’s the smallest piece that’s easy to replace.

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