Living in the Weeds Episode 1: Lucy & Jessica

Welcome to Living in the Weeds, a series that explores the experiences of neurodivergent people who consume cannabis.

In today’s intro episode, hosts Lucy and Jessica talk about their experiences with neurodivergence, specifically ADHD, and how cannabis helps manage symptoms.

They also discuss:

  • the overlap between ADHD and autism symptoms
  • the types of guests featured in the series
  • the information gap in scientific studies for neurodivergent people

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Why I Love This Episode of Living in the Weeds

I love Lucy’s candor around her fear of being labeled a drug addict for consuming cannabis back in the 1990s. It’s a very real fear to be outed as a “stoner” in unfriendly situations and it’s easy to forget just how quickly cannabis has fallen back into popular opinion.

I didn’t come around to cannabis until just before Colorado and Washington legalized recreational programs, so I’ve never dealt with the same level of social stigma and fear. But despite the risks, Lucy kept coming to a plant that was helping her get through the day – even if she didn’t fully realize how.

It was great to sit down with another woman and talk about how shared symptoms and how ADHD presents differently in both of us.

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