Cannabis Creative Interview: FLWR City Collective

In this Cannabis Creative Blog, I sit down with Zach Sarkis, founder of FLWR City Collective, a Rochester-based cannabis company. We talk about why regenerative practices must take precedence over sustainability, his commitment to investing in the Rochester community, and the future of the New York cannabis market. One of my favorite business philosophies (broughtContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: FLWR City Collective”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Element Apothec

In this blog, I sit down with Davina Kaonohi, CEO and co-founder of Element Apothec, a California-based CBD wellness company focused on creating healthy products from sustainable means. We discuss transcending the gender binary in the beauty industry, being a woman in the cannabis industry, and the still-untapped potential of minor cannabinoids. For Davina Kaonohi,Continue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Element Apothec”

Cannabis Creative Interview: Erin Gallagher of Southern Hemp Tea Company

I sat down with Erin Gallagher, owner of Southern Hemp Tea Company, an Illinois-based ecommerce store, to discuss about how CBD changed her life, her mission to get CBD into the hands of everyone, and why you should never buy brown CBD flower. For Erin Gallagher, starting a CBD company was a moment of divineContinue reading “Cannabis Creative Interview: Erin Gallagher of Southern Hemp Tea Company”

On Smoking a Joint in the Sun

Though I’ve been smoking for several years now, I’m still very much a novice smoker. I started later in life, and so skipped that hallowed phase of smoking out of jury-rigged cans and apple cores. I always had access to glass and rolling papers, but rarely did I roll a joint or a blunt forContinue reading “On Smoking a Joint in the Sun”