5 Ways to Enjoy CBD

CBD is having a moment.

Search rates for the term grew 126% between 2016 and 2017, then another 160% from 2017 to 2018, the study said. People are estimated to search for “CBD” and “cannabidiol” 117.7% more in 2019.

CBD is a great starting point for people who are cannabis-curious, but may be reluctant to jump into a THC heavy strain or have had bad experiences in the past.

There are a multitude of ways to enjoy CBD, which we’ll go over, but first I want to talk about my favorite way to enjoy CBD; straight from the bud.

CBD flower is “a productive stoner’s dream.” CBD is usually referred to as the “non-psychoactive” version of THC, but it’s perhaps more accurate to call it nonintoxicating. A CBD high is gentle; a soothing relaxation feeling that settles over you and lifts the weight from your shoulders, while keeping your mind and focus clear. It’s the perfect way to get through a long to-do list, without the foggy, mind clouding effects of a THC high.

Personally, I’ve been smoking CBD for over a year. I enjoy it on its own, but also mixed with a THC-heavy flower for an intoxicating high without the paranoia or racing heartbeat.

5 Ways to Enjoy CBD


My personal favorite, smoking CBD flower is the quickest and most effective way to get CBD into your system. The flower can be ground and smoked the same as any THC flower, so no additional equipment is needed if you already smoke. Wrap it in your favorite papers or pack a bowl; it hits similarly and may leave you coughing, but it won’t cloud your mind.

Smoking cannabis does not have the same risks of developing cancer associated with cigarettes, but CBD may interact with prescription medications so always check with your doctor.

If you’re in or around Rochester, check out CBDeopt and HempSOL CBD for local flower options.


In my opinion, this is the best way to consume CBD for people who use it to manage stress, anxiety, depression, or a chronic gastrointestinal disease. (I am not a doctor.)

To consume, place a few drops of your favorite CBD oil or tincture under your tongue, and hold it there for up to 30 seconds. This method allows you to enjoy the long-lasting effects of CBD, and keeps it from being wasted in your gut. However, CBD has a distinct, earthy taste that will not be appealing to all palettes. The taste can vary, so it’s worth trying a few brands if this is how you enjoy taking CBD.


Vaping is a great way to enjoy CBD if you’re not a fan of smoking, but still enjoy the effects. There’s no smoke, no smell, and delivers a high concentration of CBD at once. CBD oil vapes are relatively easy to come by from trusted sellers.

If you enjoy CBD or use it to regulate anxiety, depression or a gastrointestinal illness, a vape pen is a convenient way to get it when you need it without worry about offensive smoke (but you still can’t use it inside)


If you don’t prefer inhalation, or want the effects of CBD concentrated to one area of your body, a topical CBD product is a great option. These include lotions, balms, ointments or creams on your skin. Topical applications work best for sore muscles, aches and pains, skin conditions and even migraines. They’re easy to use, and can be applied as you need them. The effects aren’t as long-lasting as smoking, but you’re typically not looking for the same thing with topical applications of CBD.


Edible CBD is a great way to enjoy the effects of the plant without the smell and effects of smoke. You can add CBD oil to any food to make it an edible, or purchase a premade edible. Gummies are the easiest to find, but lollipops and baked goods are increasing in popularity, and you can also find CBD capsules at many stores now. CBD gummies are discreet and easy to take wherever you are. Newsweek picked 5 of the best CBD gummies.

The downside of CBD edibles is the same as THC; the effects can take over an hour to kick in, so it’s important to regulate your dosage and be patient. While a THC-aficionado will find it hard to take too many CBD edibles, beginners can quickly find themselves overwhelmed.

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