A Different Kind of Business Goals

If we’re being frank, money has been a source of stress for most of my adult life. Even after the stereotypical broke college kid phase (I once paid for a $4 smoothie entirely in quarters), I didn’t come into a windfall when I started working. (In hindsight, all of my professors saying no one getsContinue reading “A Different Kind of Business Goals”

A Meditation by Any Other Name…

Meditation is the art of doing nothing. I started meditating because I have a lazy streak. Left to my own devices, I don’t want to do anything. Unchecked, this leads to hours of aimless phone scrolling and frustratingly unproductive days. But with meditation, I have a structured way to sit and do nothing for aContinue reading “A Meditation by Any Other Name…”

The History of Cannabis

Part 2: Ancient Civilizations Cannabis use dates back to at 8,000 BCE and has been widely used throughout ancient civilizations. As cannabis originated in Central Asia, it spread first through Asia and the lower Asian subcontinent before making its way to the Middle East, Africa and Europe.The plant was used in its entirety; psychoactive propertiesContinue reading “The History of Cannabis”