Flower Mill Grinder Review

The top of the flower mill grinder with the logo faces the camera on a white countertop

Product Name: Flower Mill

Brand: Flower Mill

Category: Grinder

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary: A sturdy and durable miller that creates a fluffy texture for ground flower

About the Flower Mill

If I call the flower mill a miller, you likely wouldn’t know what I was talking about. But to call it a grinder is just wrong – it doesn’t grind weed. Rather than using teeth to cut up your nugs, it crushes and mills them a la a grain stone, creating an undeniably fluffy texture. It’s great for bowls, bongs, joints, and blunts, creating a texture that is (allegedly) easier for air to pass through.

I like this product a lot – but I have one major complaint. This is a $100 product that doesn’t come with a kief catch. As a flower fan, I love watching the kief compartment fill up, like a little rewards system for smoking. I understand that milling the flower is supposed to knock less of the cannabinoids off, creating less kief, but I see small particles on the side of the miller anyway, so it would be nice to have them collected somewhere.

It’s well made (in America) and does the job well – I can’t complain about that! But not having a kief catch simply doesn’t make much sense to me, especially at this price point.

Buy this product: https://www.flowermillusa.com/collections/mills/products/premium-edition-flower-mill

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