Phoenician Grinder Review

Phoenician grinder in green on a white countertop

Product Name: Phoenician Large 4-Piece Grinder

Brand: Phoenician

Category: Smoking accessory

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary: An American made 4 piece grinder that’s the only grinder you’ll ever need

About the Phoenician Grinder

Favorite Alert!

This is, without a doubt, my favorite grinder I’ve ever used.

Where to start?

First of all, the size. I have the large the Phoenician, and this is American super-sized in all its glory. This grinder has four parts:

  • The top has an ashtray and a joint holder on the outside, and the top half of the grinder teeth on the inside.
  • The second piece has more grinder teeth and a sifting screen.
  • The third piece is the chamber for ground flower
  • The fourth section is the massive keif catch that comes with a small pick

This grinder is huge. By my (rough) estimate, it can hold double the amount of flower and keif of my regular-sized Sharpstone grinders. I love the fact that I can grind my weed, place my joint on top of the grinder, and use it as an ashtray. We love a multi-functional piece!

Phoenician grinders are made from metal (type unspecified) and they are built to last. The sides of each section have small rivets to make them easier to grip. I also got the accessories package, so I added two bumper rings to the top and bottom sections to keep it safe if it falls. Bonus: These grinders are made in America, which I always appreciate

It’s hard to choose what I like the most about this grinder – is it the size? Is it the joint holder? Is it the sweet, sweet keif catch, or the ashtray on top? I like it all! I haven’t seen another grinder that comes with a built-in ashtray, which makes me like this one all the more.

Now onto the price – $100 is obviously not the cheapest grinder on the market. A reliable Sharpstone won’t set you back nearly that much. But having used a Sharpstone grinder for years, I will say this Phoenician doesn’t get stuck as much, won’t get clogged by large/extra-trichome-y nugs, and has more functionality during your smoke sesh from start to end. And unlike other $100 grinders I’ve reviewed, this one has a kief catch.

If you’re a smoker like me, this grinder is worth the investment. You get a high-quality, domestically made product with features you never knew your grinder was missing. 

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