Canna Hemp Immunity Gummies Review

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Product Name: Canna Hemp Immunity Gummies

Brand: Canna Hemp

Category: Edibles

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Summary: CBD/CBG gummies formulated with immune-supporting ingredients

About Canna Hemp Immunity Gummies

I purchased these gummies in Las Vegas in the midst of a two-week trip. I wanted a CBD product on hand to ensure I didn’t get too high while smoking and working, and I was looking for different ways to support my immune system so I didn’t crash the moment I got home. These worked well!

I liked the texture and the flavor. These are vegan because they use pectin and tapioca instead of gelatin, and often I find vegan gummies can have a weird consistency, but that wasn’t the case here. They held together nicely, even when stored in my backpack in the sun and my suitcase on the plane.

These gummies have 20mg CBD and 10 mg CBG in each serving, as well as elderberry, zinc, echinacea, and vitamin c. The flavor is mainly elderberry, with hints of CBD extract. (I find extracts taste like a combination of cannabis and processing, usually a hint metallic or sharp.)

I shared these with my team in Vegas, and everyone liked them. They’re made in the USA, which I always appreciate in the product. At the time of writing this, the gummies have been flown across the country and sat in my weed cabinet for several weeks, and there is no oil leaking or degradation in the consistency.

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