Blooming Botanicals Turmeric CBD Tincture Review

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Product Name: Blooming Botanicals Turmeric CBD Tincture

Brand: Blooming Botanicals

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Summary: FAV ALERT! A daily tincture that combines adaptogens turmeric and black pepper for full body support and a surprisingly good taste. + A DISCOUNT LINK

About the Blooming Botanicals Turmeric Tincture

DYK: Prior to prohibition in the US, cannabis tinctures were the most popular form of consuming the plant. It wasn’t unusual to see tinctures at a pharmacy, and they were used for all sorts of ailments.

In today’s market, tinctures are hardly the most glamorous form of consumption – I know. But they are a reliable and simple form of consumption that’s perfect for anyone looking to include a measured dose of cannabis into their daily routine.

When it comes to CBD tinctures, Blooming Botanicals makes one of my favorites. They offer four flavors of CBD tincture, original, lavender, turmeric, and a CBD/CBG blend. Turmeric is their bestselling tincture, and for good reason.

This tincture has a very short list of ingredients – which I love. It starts with MCT coconut oil, a common carrier in tinctures. In addition to CBD and all the benefits it brings to the party, this tincture also has turmeric (obviously) and black pepper. Both of these spices are adaptogens, which are herbal medicine substances that help the body adapt to stress and normalize after stress. Black pepper and turmeric are known in particular for being powerful anti-inflammatories. Since CBD also has an anti-inflammatory effect, this tincture is an anti-inflammatory wonder.

The other reason for the turmeric and black pepper blend is that the presence of black pepper increases the bioavailability of turmeric, allowing more to be absorbed into your body.

Why I love the Blooming Botanicals Turmeric Tincture

The thing I like most about this tincture (and all of Blooming Botanical’s tinctures) is the taste. So often tinctures have a sharp, or tangy taste that’s indicative of the extraction. It doesn’t take away from the benefits of the tincture, but I don’t enjoy it. It’s hard to make a tincture a regular part of your routine if you dread taking it.

This tincture from Blooming Botanicals doesn’t have any of that – no sharpness, bitterness, or metallic tang. It’s smooth and slightly oily, with a hint of turmeric at the end. You don’t even taste the black pepper!

I’m not a daily tincture taker, but I love to have them on hand. CBD tinctures are great to travel with and perfect when I need a boost of cannabinoids without smoking. I’ll take it when I need some extra stabilizing in my day if I’ve had too much THC, or whenever I think my body needs a boost.

My tincture is 1,000 mg, with about 33 servings. Blooming Botanicals estimates a daily serving size of 1 mL, which comes out to about 33 mg per serving. Anything less than 10 mg is considered a small dose of CBD, but your body can tolerate up to several thousand mg, so this is a moderate serving. Depending on your endocannabinoid system and your needs, you may need more than 1 mL.  They also offer 500 mg and 2,000 mg versions.

This tincture is made with full-spectrum CBD extract, so there is some THC. It’s less than the .3% federal limit, but it’s something to be aware of if you get tested for work.

The only downside about this tincture is that the dropper doesn’t have a measured milligram dose. It’s 1 mL, but it’s still helpful to have the measurement right on the glass.

Blooming Botanicals is a CBD brand based in Michigan run by a husband and wife team, and is one of my favorite places to get CBD products. See their full lineup of products, or check out my review of their lavender salve.


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