Toker Poker Hemp Plastic Case Review

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Product Name: Toker Poker Hemp Plastic Toker Poker

Brand: Toker Poker

Category: Accessories

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary: A hemp plastic case that makes your lighter too valuable to lose

Why I Love My Toker Poker

I love this case.

When I first heard of Toker Poker, I was skeptical. Did I really need a lighter case? The corner of my lighter worked perfectly well for tamping down bowl packs or smoking bowls – what would a case add?

A lot, it turns out.

Sure, the rounded edge on the toker poker makes tamping down bowl packs and putting out smoking bowls simple. But it was really the poker that I was missing.

I talked with the founders of Toker Poker back in 2022; one of the driving factors they cited as the reason for innovation was bobby pins. Specifically, not wanting to waste any more bobby pins. I understand this – many a female stoner was reached for a bobby pin when you need to clear a bowl and don’t have anything else. But doing so ruins the bobby pun – who wants to put a resin-covered pin in her hair?

Having a poker on your lighter is nice. Really nice. What I like most about this lighter though, is specific to the hemp lighter; the bottle opener on the bottom. So in total, my toker poker has three tools: the tamper, the poker, and the bottle opener. All neatly wrapped in a small case that fits perfectly over my lighter without adding any weight or noticeable bulk. What more could you ask for?

About the Toker Poker

Toker Poker is a Colorado-based company that makes one thing: toker pokers. These are patented lighter cases that include a bowl tamper and a poker. The founders, a married couple, were inspired to create a more functional lighter case after getting caught one too many times in the backcountry with a clogged bowl.

Their products come in two sizes; one that fits BIC lighters and one that fits clippers. Within this range, they have a variety of designs. Some are colored plastic, some are metallic, and others have fun pop culture references. They also have a hemp plastic toker poker. It’s not made from 100% hemp plastic, but as a big fan of industrial hemp use, I love to see it incorporated. (The bottle opener is specific to the hemp plastic design.)

I also love that Toker Poker is a small, family-run company. Cannabis is a community plant, and any time I can support a small business, I want to. They’re also well-priced for what may be the most useful cannabis invention since the bong.

The best part is, toker pokers can prevent lighter theft. It’s noticeable when you’re missing a lighter with a TP case, and it’s obvious once you make your smoking sesh friends turn out their pockets. As someone who has had lighters stolen and (let’s be honest) stolen more than a few lighters, anything you can do to prevent lighter theft is a good thing.

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