Revelry Confidant Smell-Proof Bag Review

Product Name: Revelry Confidant Smell Proof Bag Review

Brand: Revelry

Category: Stoner Accessories

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Summary: A small, smell-proof bag that’s perfect for bringing weed essentials on the go

Living in a van, one of my biggest concerns around cannabis use is the smell. I know it’s going to smell when I light a joint or hit a bowl, but I don’t want my van to smell like a stoner’s paradise every time you open the door.

That’s where smell-proof bags come in.

About the Revelry Confidant Smell Proof Bag

This Confidant bag from Revelry won’t fit your entire stash (or at least, my entire stash) but it’s the perfect size to fit my cannabis essentials when I need to pack them up. I’d compare it to the size of a clutch.

This bag has two velcro seals; one on the outside and one on the inside. Because of this, the storage capacity is limited, but I can fit a few things in there. I can’t fit all of the following items at once, but I can fit a few at a time:

Revelry is a brand known for its smell-proof technology. In addition to having multiple seals on this bag, the fabric itself helps combat weed smell. It’s made from multiple layers, including a twill lining, three layers of activated carbon filter, and a rubber-backed fabric exterior. The bag is water-resistant and odor odor-containing, and pretty hearty all around.

Despite this, the bag is small, measuring in at just 11 inches by 6 inches. It’s around the size of a wallet, and can easily fit into a purse, backpack, or larger bag. It looks inconspicuous from the outside; you’d never guess I had weed inside unless you knew – it could easily be holding my wallet and credit cards.

The bag comes in five colors; mine is green but you could also get black, blue, light grey, or dark grey.

I have a few bags from Revelry, including the hip pack and the backpack. All of them are well-made and sturdy. I take the hip pack on hikes and this Confidant bag has been my companion on many a trip.

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