The BEED Machine Review

Product Name: The BEED Machine

Brand: BEED

Category: Smoking Accessories

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Summary: A sleek (and expensive) automatic cone filler

Disclaimer: the BEED machine was generously sent to me by my friends at Headshop.

About the BEED Machine

Would I have bought the BEED if it wasn’t sent to me? No, probably not.

It’s not because I didn’t like it.

I liked it a lot!

It’s a sleek, well-designed machine that would look at home next to any coffee maker or wet bar. It fills cones quickly for the ease of smoking a pre-roll, but better. The BEED avoids the main downfall of pre-rolls, which is that the weed is packed so tightly in the cone you can’t draw air through or smoke it. The BEED packs a damn good joint.

It’s also not because of their pods.

Like a Keurig or Nespresso machine, the BEED uses aluminum pods filled with pre-ground flower to fill the cones. If you’re in California, then you can get THC pods. If you’re anywhere else in the 50 states, you can get CBD pods and empty pods to create your own mix. The CBD pods were surprisingly high-quality, with all of the aromatics and smoking experience you’d expect from THC flower. It was actually some of the best CBD I’ve ever smoked in my life. And I loved getting to create my own blends to fill the cones. The aluminum pods are recyclable, but single-use anything creates more waste.

And it’s not because it’s loud either – although it is.

The machine comes to life with a short grinding noise that’s the prelude to the sounds of filling the cone. I won’t lie – it sounds monstrous. But it’s just the internal mechanisms working and turning to punch a hole in the pod and fill the cone. It doesn’t last long, but it’s certainly not subtle.

It’s the price that gets me.

$300 for a single-use machine, and it doesn’t even roll joints – you need cones. I love cannabis tech as much as the next person (well, maybe a little less) but I am a purist at heart. Rolling joints is foundational to being a weed smoker. It’s tricky to learn sure, but there are manual joint rollers you can get for less than $10 that make the process so much easier. This machine? Expensive as all get out.

Now don’t get me wrong – I do like the BEED. It does exactly what it’s meant to do, it’s well-designed, and the machine wouldn’t look out of place on any kitchen counter next to the coffee maker.

If you’re hosting a cannabis-themed party, opening a bud and breakfast, or just love a weed gadget, then the BEED is for you. If you’re the stoner who has everything and still seeks to push the boundaries of what weed tech is capable of, the BEED is for you.

If you live in a van with limited power draw and even more limited space, then the BEED is probably not for you. I had issues getting the machine to work in the van; sometimes it would turn on and sometimes it wouldn’t. It also takes up a lot of space. No problem if you’re in a house, but I have 16 precious inches of counter space that I can’t dedicate solely to the purpose of filling cones.

So I tried the BEED and liked it and sent it on its way to a friend and fellow cannabis writer who has more space for it. Huge thank you to Headshop for allowing me to try it out!

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