Revelry Amigo Hip Pack Review

Product Name: Revelry Amigo Hip Pack Review

Brand: Revelry

Category: cannabis accessories

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Summary: A smell-proof water-resistant bag perfect for small adventures.

The fanny pack is having a revolution.

I grew up in the 90s and early aughts, when this style of bag was called a fanny pack and worn around the hips of moms and dads across the nation. As with all fashion cycles, what’s old is new again and the fanny pack has rebranded itself for the 2020s as a crossbody bag.

Revelry calls this a hip pack – but this 90s baby knows better. My dad had one that was lime green and often came with us on trips to the zoo.

I’m not hating on the fanny pack! (or the crossbody bag or the hip pack or whatever else this style of bag is called.) It’s a convenient, hands-free way to keep essentials on you without worrying about a purse or dragging down your pockets. And thanks to Revelry, the fanny pack got a stoner upgrade.

About the Revelry Amigo Bag

The Revelry Amigo is a smell-proof hip pack that’s perfect for carrying your phone, ID, cash, a few joints, and a lighter. It’s got a carbon filter system, a rubber backing, and a waterproof zipper that keeps weed odors in. The zipper is rubber-lined and has two pulls so you can easily lock it.

It’s not a large bag by any means – my iPhone 11 squeezes into the rounded corners of the bottom. But it has plenty of room for the stoner essentials; a smaller grinder, a few nugs, papers, and a lighter.

When I hike, I take this bag with me to hold my phone, car keys, a doob tube, and a lighter. It’s filled to max capacity, but I don’t have too much trouble closing it. It’s not ultralight – with metal fastenings and a large metal clip, it’s got some weight to it. But for short day hikes or wandering around town, it won’t weigh you down.

As for the water resistance – you better believe I tested it. The key word here is resistant – not waterproof. I was wearing this bag when I got caught in a sudden downpour at the top of a mountain in New Hampshire. It stayed closed the entire way down, but the edges of my phone where it touched the zipper did get a little wet. Nothing serious (and the joints in my doob tube stayed perfectly dry) but it is water-resistant, not waterproof.

Overall, I like this bag. It’s a little heavy for how small it is, but it gets the job done. It’s comfortable to wear, keeps weed odor containers, and is big enough to fit all my stoner essentials. Whether you wear it the tried and true way around your hips like my Dad or in the new fashion, slung around one shoulder as I do, this bag delivers.

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About Revelry

Revelry is a maker of stylish yet rugged bags and gear that just happen to be made for stoners too. These bags are stylish, well-designed pieces that would fit in at a bar just as easily as the beach or the top of a mountain. Revelry bags are designed to last and keep your canna-secrets.  

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