Photos from the Bay of Fundy

In eight days I turn 29.

I have always loved my birthday. August and the summer sun. I had pool parties and waterpark celebrations, always finding a way to be in the water. It is my favorite way to be.

Next week I’ll celebrate in Bar Harbor – and hopefully go swimming.  

One of the perks of being self-employed is the ability to work whenever I want. One of the downfalls is the seeming inability to take any time off because there’s always a few work tasks waiting to be ticked off the list…

I haven’t taken dedicated time off work since my honeymoon so I took next week off entirely. OOO: set.

I’m looking forward to some dedicated time of doing nothing, without the looming feeling of guilt that I should be working on my business. I need a few days to really sink into doing nothing, to allow myself to indulge to the point of boredom, of wanting to come back to work.

Until then, I’m keeping it short and sweet this week with plenty of snapshots from my trip to Canada last week.

Last weekend I crossed the border into New Brunswick with my husband and dog to see the Bay of Fundy. It was too cold to swim but the perfect weather to explore the coast. New Brunswick is home to the highest tides in the world and it was a wonder to watch the sea recede and come back. Every minute is dynamic, every change is noticeable.

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