Tips for Having A Weed Wedding

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So you’re getting married! Congratulations.

Every couple dreams of something different for their big day, and if cannabis is a part of your dream, there are many ways to incorporate the plant into your celebrations. Your imagination is really the limit, as your wedding should reflect your dreams and desires, but here I’ve compiled some ideas I’ve gathered in my time as a cannabis writer (and bride who loves weed) to get you started

Disclaimer: Use your best judgment when deciding how to weave weed into your wedding, especially if you’re in a prohibition state. In legal states, there is variability in how 420-friendly a venue may be. Be smart about it so you don’t get the cops called on your big day.

Ways to Incorporate Weed into Your Wedding

Roll custom joints for your bridal party

Some people are a high THC indica, while others are more of a CBD/herbal blend type. Show your love and care for every member of your bridal party by rolling them a joint custom to their liking.

Smoke during your first look

If you choose to have a first look, it’s the perfect time to light up with your soon-to-be spouse. Roll up a joint with a strain you know and love – now is not the time to try something new. If you’re feeling anxious, try incorporating CBD or herbs that reduce anxiety like lavender. (I did this at my wedding and the photos are SO cute.)

Have edibles for dessert

Chocolates, cupcakes, brownies, space cake – the opportunities are endless for having an edible dessert bar. Keep each treat at a low dose so people can indulge more than once and make sure it’s clearly labeled and kept away from the regular desserts.

Keep weed beverages at the bar

Weed beverages are one of the fastest-growing areas of cannabis consumption, and what better way to allow people to indulge? You can offer CBD or THC drinks alongside or instead of alcohol. There are even weed bartenders you can hire to create infused and delicious mocktails!

A bride stands outside facing the camera, holding the groom who has his back to the camera. She is holding a lit joint and looking at her groom lovingly

Offer a gram as a wedding favor

This can add up quickly, so it works best if you have a small wedding, micro-wedding, or elopement filled with people you know who love weed.

Get married on a hemp farm

Many commercial THC farms can’t allow visitors due to restrictive regulations, but hemp farms don’t face the same scrutiny. Hosting your celebration at a hemp farm is a weed-friendly spin on a classic rustic theme.

Best practices for having a weed wedding

  • Check the rules of your venue. Some venues have designated smoking areas while others don’t allow it at all. If you’re in a legal state, you’ll likely have more wiggle room than if you’re in a prohibition state. Most venues won’t allow smoking inside regardless, so direct your guests to take their tokes outside.
  • Talk to the caterers. Have they worked with infused foods before? is it something they’re comfortable with? If you’re not using caterers and bringing your own food, ensure that anything infused is clearly and properly labeled. Getting people high unintentionally is a bad time.
  • Have mocktails. Cottonmouth is a common side effect of consuming cannabis, but no one wants to be the square drinking water at a wedding. Having mocktails at the bar is a delicious and refreshing way to make sure everyone stays hydrated (and it’s thoughtful for any sober guests you may have – a win/ win.)
  • Make it known. Despite the growing popularity of weed, there are still many people who don’t enjoy the plant – or are downright uncomfortable with it. Make it known to your guests that you’re having a weed-centric celebration so they can make an informed choice of attendance for them, and their kids.

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