Ongrok 2-Piece Magnetic Grinder Review

Product Name: Ongrok 2-Piece Magnetic Grinder

Brand: Ongrok

Category: Smoking Accessory

Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary: A small yet sturdy magnetic two-piece grinder

This is the only two-piece grinder I own. Most of my grinders are three or four pieces.

Before I got this grinder, I was skeptical of two-piece grinders. I liked the separation of the grinding and weed hold section, and I love the addition of a kief catch. Grinders can be harsh on the trichomes, especially for resinous flower. You can lose a lot if you don’t have a kief catch to hold that most precious powder.

But there’s a time and a place for everything, and I have to admit this grinder has come in handy.

Why I Like the Ongrok Two-Piece Magnetic Grinder

It’s small, which makes it perfect for taking places. None of my other grinders are as small as this one, which measures 28 mm x 63 mm, or just 2 x 1.25 inches. It fits in purses, bags, hip packs, backpacks – any bag of any size. It’s the complete opposite of my massive Phoenician grinder, which I can’t take anywhere.

It’s sturdy. One of my biggest concerns with two-piece grinders is their ability to withstand the elements (it’s me, I’m the elements.) I can be rough on my belongings and I need to know my grinder won’t shatter or crack if I drop it or store it at a weird angle. This grinder is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, so I know it’s built to last. Ongrok claims it is scratch-resistant, and so far that’s been true. (But stay tuned – I’m very good at scratching things up.)

One of the biggest benefits of this grinder from Ongrok is the fact that it has a magnetic locking function. I’m the type of stoner who always likes to grind more than I need. I like knowing I can come back to pack another bowl later, and keeping some ground flower ready is always handy. But my concern with a two-piece grinder is its ability to store ground weed and keep it fresh.

The magnet is in the center of the grinder, and it works well, but because of its positioning, it can get covered in flower in the grinding process. If the magnet is totally covered it won’t work as well. If there is a small piece of flower, it can get stuck between the magnet and the teeth, but the magnet still works.

Speaking of the grinding process, this grinder has 33 triangular teeth. It works best with small to medium size nugs, especially popcorn nugs. If you have a cola, you’ll need to break it into pieces as this little grinder simply isn’t big enough to crush it or store it. The grind is medium fine and works well for bowls, bongs, and joints.

Ongrok suggests using one of their small humidity pack at the bottom of the grinder to keep your flower fresh, but I haven’t tried that, and there’s certainly no room for anything else in the grinder once I fill it.

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