oOYes Going Down Oral Sex Elixir Review

Product Name: oOYes Going Down Oral Sex Elixir

Brand: oO Yes

Category: Topical

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Summary: a topical sex product made for spicing things up (and cannabinoids + bee-fused honey)

An oral sex elixir? On a cannabis blog?

Hell yes.

Cannabis & Sex

The aphrodisiac powers of cannabis are well-researched; some studies even conclude that women who smoke weed have better sex than those who don’t and cannabis use can help close the “orgasm gap.”

But you don’t have to smoke to get the benefits – topical products can help too. In addition to having skin-soothing properties, cannabis is also known for being gentle on sensitive skin, making it perfect for application… down there.

About the oOYes Oral Sex Elixir

What makes it an elixir? Well, I’m not really sure. Oxford Languages defines “elixir” as “a magical or medicinal potion” or “a particular type of medicinal solution” which fits. But it’s essentially a lubricant that’s safe to eat.

This oral sex elixir has a short list of easily pronounceable ingredients – which I love. I can be sensitive to additives in intimate products and this has nothing that irritates me – no sugars, glycerin, glycols, parabens, or silicones. The bottle is .5 fluid ounces and has a small dropper application.

It’s made with MCT oil, which is the most common carrier oil used in topicals and edibles for cannabis products. It also has rosemary extract and orange blossom terpenes for taste, although the orange is definitely the dominant flavor.

The oOYes Oral Sex Elixir also has cannabinoids, which is the reason it’s on this blog. The formula is made with bee-fused honey, which is a fun way of saying honey made by bees that feed on hemp plants. It’s also got full-spectrum CBD and CBG extract for an extract kick of cannabinoids, and since it’s full spectrum, there are trace amounts of THC too. Each bottle has 75 mg of CBD and 50 mf of CBG, though I can’t speculate how much makes it into each… “dosage.”

FAQs about oOYes Oral Sex Elixir

What does oOYes Oral Sex Elixir Taste Like?

Like olive oil and orange had a baby. It’s slick from the MCT oil, but the orange terpenes dominate the taste and aroma profile. I don’t love the taste of it because I’m also not crazy about oranges. But that doesn’t matter as much because it does get my salivary glands working overtime. I won’t say it tastes great, but I will say that it really helps you produce more saliva.

It also tastes decidedly different than intimate skin areas, which can be nice if you’re not a fan of the more “natural” flavors.

Can you use oOyes Oral Sex Elixr with Condoms?

No. This is an oil-based lubricant that will break down latex or poly-isoprene condoms. Only use this with oil-safe materials or on bare skin.

Does it work for men and women?

Yes, you can use this elixir on both men and women. It’s essentially a lubricant, so it’s safe for penetrative use

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