Farm Tour: Tap Root Fields

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Farm: Tap Root Fields

Location: 4272 Jordan Rd, Skaneateles, NY 13152

Open to the public? Tap Root Fields has a farm stand right by the road on the edge of their property, where visitors can browse their THC products, produce, and other delicious offerings like Heritage Black Garlic.

Public Offers: CBD products (pain balm, itch balm, sunscreen, tincture), organically grown produce, and flowers at their farm stand.

Crops: CBD plants, THC plants, seasonal produce, flowers

About Tap Root Fields

Tap Root Fields was founded back in 2019 as a part of the New York Hemp Pilot program, growing hemp for CBD extraction. In 2022, they received a conditional growing license and planted their first round of THC plants.

Tap Root Fields believes in sun-grown cannabis, tenderly cared for without the interference of pesticides. The company is rapidly expanding and focusing on scaling while reducing its impact on the environment. The fields where cannabis is grown have been tended to bring back a proper chemical balance in soil, their buildings run off of mainly solar powder, and they hope to be energetically self-sustained.

Tap Root Fields is a part of CANY, the cannabis association of New York, and their position in the hemp program primed them for adult-use market. In addition to giving back to the land, they’re also giving back to the cannabis community, working with mentees who are hoping to join the adult-use market.

About the farm

Cannabis plants are started in the greenhouse to prolong the growing season while protecting the delicate seedlings from Mother Nature’s whims. Once the growers determine it’s time, they’re moved to the field where they’ll grow until October, when the first frost hits. After harvest, the flowers are flash-frozen to preserve the delicate chemical compounds and cell structures until it’s time for extraction. THC nugs are made into bubble hash and other high-quality extracts while CBD is processed into a variety of products, including topical balms, sunscreen, tinctures, and more.

But it’s not just about the weed here – it’s about growing delicious, organic crops that enrich and feed the community. In addition to the cannabis plants, Tap Root also grows a variety of seasonal produce, keeps bees, and is expanding every year.

Eventually, the farm hopes to become a destination in and of itself, where people can explore sustainable farming practices, enjoy live music, and come to better understand the cannabis plant.

Tap Root Fields outdoor cannabis grow 2022

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