Hey Cannabis Industry, Leave Sha’Carri Richardson Alone

A few days I ago I put up an article on LinkedIn asking the cannabis industry to leave Sha’Carri Richardson alone. It’s not that we shouldn’t support her. We absolutely should. But the industry is veering off the path of support and onto the path of exploitation. Using her name in posts talking about products,Continue reading “Hey Cannabis Industry, Leave Sha’Carri Richardson Alone”

Rhonda Rousey, Edibles, & Me

The only thing I remember about the first time I ate edibles is that Rhonda Rousey lost her fight. The fight was a big deal. One of those mega-MMA fights where promotions make it off of cable TV and certain twitter feeds and into the mainstream social channels of the rest of the world. SoContinue reading “Rhonda Rousey, Edibles, & Me”

On Cannabis & IBS

On the laundry list of medical conditions that cannabis helps manage, chronic gastrointestinal diseases are perhaps some of the most common, but least discussed. I have IBS, a chronic gastrointestinal condition, and it’s something I’ve dealt with for close to my entire life. I started getting flare-ups at the tender age of 8 years old,Continue reading “On Cannabis & IBS”

The Science Behind Wim Hof Breathing

“Let the body do what the body is capable of doing.” What if your body was capable of hiking mountains in shorts, running marathons barefoot in the Arctic circle, and holding your breath for minutes at a time? Wim Hof, also known as the Iceman, is a Dutch endurance athlete, adventure, and philosopher. His claimContinue reading “The Science Behind Wim Hof Breathing”